We are gearing up for a great class on Saturday! We hope to see you in the stuido!

Are you ready?

The first Class: If you're receiving this email, you have either signed up or expressed interest in joining us for our class on Saturday November 24th. Class will be held at Perfect Perceptions Studio from 8:30-4.

This class is going to be part lecture, part question and answer. We encourage everyone to bring their personal computers to follow along with the instructor. We will be using Adobe Photoshop CS6 as well as Adobe Lightroom for this class. If you have older version of these, they will work for you as well, however if you would like too, Adobe does offer a trial version here: Adobe Downloads

In this course we will be going over our typical studio session workflow from setup, to working with the subject, and the entire post production software. If you have any questions that you want to make sure you get answered, please don't hesitate to email the instructor with these questions prior to the class.


I am pleased to say that Miss Kassandra will be joining us for the first part of our class. She is beautiful and tallented and looking forward to working with us in the studio for this class.
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